What’s the best way to lose weight

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What’s the best way to lose weightEasy Ways Lose Weight, Basically, a person’s body weight depending on the caloric intake that goes and how much calorie expenditure through the activity of the body. Ideal weight is achieved when the number of calories the same entry with calories expended by the body. As for weight loss, you must consume fewer calories, then do more calorie-burning activity.

What's the best way to lose weight

What’s the best way to lose weight

Natural ways to lose weight quickly and safely

What’s the best way to lose weight – For some people, it may have the ideal weight is just wishful thinking. But it should not be the case. Though not easy, lose weight tooltip can do. Then how do I lose weight fast is it? Do the following.

12 ways to lose weight Fast Naturally Proven

1. Drink water before eating

According to the study, drinking water before a meal is very potent in losing weight. Why is this so? Consume water before the meal turned out to be able to give the effect of satiety, which in the end will make you reluctant to devour the food in large portions, or even you do not touch the food at all.

Sometimes, when the hungry, we will directly take a spoon and eat the rice rushed along with a side dish-the giant, or even looking for foods that are high in calories. In fact, it may just be that you feel it is thirstier rather than hungry. So, when the condition of hunger strikes, you’d better fix it with drinking water.

2. Do not forget breakfast

A lot of people who thought the way fast slimming body by reducing the daily meal rations such as absent. In fact, it will make you hunger and plenty of eating snacks throughout the day, especially when the body begins to feel hungry due to shaking.

Therefore, make sure you always have breakfast in the morning. For example, eating boiled eggs and a banana, or low-fat milk and a piece of bread, and don’t forget the fruit juice that contains various nutrients such as fiber and vitamins.

3. Eat in small portions

You can use a plate or bowl is much smaller than usual when eating. This kind of trivial habits proved to be able to get used to eat in small portions, which means the number of calories in the body so reduced.

Despite the packed in little portions, you can actually still full provided that eating more slowly. Eating slowly can stimulate the brain that we are already full.

Eat in small portions (4-5) times a day it would be better to lose weight, you feed in a large portion though is only 3 times a day.

4. The appropriate food consumption

What’s the best way to lose weight – The best weight loss foods for you is a high-protein food and fibrous foods. Protein can make the body feel full longer. In addition, the protein can help burn the fat in the body. Consumption of food sources of protein such as egg whites, yogurt, lean meat, seafood, cheese, soy, and nuts.

Fibrous foods can also make the body longer loaves, but lower in calories. Foods high in fiber can ye consumption, among other fruits, vegetables, seeds, popcorn without butter, and nuts. Don’t forget to add the chili when feeding in order to satisfy their tastes. According to research, foods that satisfy our taste buds can prevent a lot of eating.

5. No need to hate food

What’s the best way to lose weight – He goes without hating the food that you actually like. If you stay away from these foods, you will be more eager to devour him. So, the key is not to keep away, but you should know the normal eating him so that the body is not fat.

As an example of the NIH, you love to eat snack pastries. Now you can buy it in number of units, instead of a jar. Simple things like this can make you not consume excessive amounts of his.

6. Sleep enough

Our bodies basically can produce hormones that can spur us to greater appetite (ghrelin hormone) when lack of sleep. This could trigger a rise in weight.

In addition, lack of sleep can also trigger the disruption of the body’s metabolic system dissociating substances in food into energy. Consequently, substances that accumulate in large amounts and converted into fat.

7. Avoid dinner

Dinner will just make the body you are getting bloated. When the night the body not much doing physical activity, so that if you consume a food calorie it will be converted into fat, rather than energy.

Thus, weight loss will be successful if you avoid dinner. If unable because of a thing, you can advance the dinner time than usual. So don’t eat past 6 pm afternoon.

8. Reduce sugary foods

Sugary foods give you energy that is greater than calories or protein. However, the increase of glucose in the body due to sugary foods is also not good for health, particularly for weight loss.
We recommend you start now reducing food sweets. Call it like sweet tea, brownie, cake donut, fizzy drinks, and the like.

9. Consumption of foods containing pepper or pepper

How to lose weight this number nine I quoted from lifestyle.sindonews.com. According to the study, pepper or pepper can help burn fat there is excessive in the colon while we sleep.

The benefits of this also applies to the burning cells, because they are both spicy and caused a sensation of heat. Therefore, for those of you who like to deal with the bodies no harm in mixing the pepper and chili powder to each food to be consumed.

10. Keep Meal time

Eat regularly and do not skip meals, thus very important in losing weight. Remember, irregular eating will make you the more hungry and tend to overeat. Some foods are recommended as a way to lose weight, among others:

-The wide variety of fruit and vegetables by as much as 5 servings or ideally 7-9 servings a day. You can make it as a snack in between meals.
-Prioritizing their carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, and pasta as a third of the serving of a meal. The best type is derived from the seeds intact.
-We recommend that you avoid foods that are high in fat, calories, sugar, and high in salt. Replace it with a high-protein food and fibrous foods.

11. Let’s move Active

It’s been no secret when sports become one of how to lose weight effectively. According to research, the sport could help trim the excess fat in the body. Burning fat is what can make your weight loss is more ideal.

To reduce excess body weight through exercise, adults aged 19-64 years recommended routine to do aerobic movements such as walking, cycling, running at least 150 minutes per week. This portion could certainly boost so that you lose weight faster.

12. Commitment to thin, it’s important!

Why the commitment I say important? Because of all the ways to lose weight will not be effective if you don’t have a strong commitment in doing so.

Maybe this week you will be actively doing sport, the consumption of healthy food, and more. However, the second week of the habits of yesteryear has suddenly gone.

Well, this is where the importance of building commitment. If necessary, you can rent a Gym coach service to guide you so that your diet is going well and painstaking.

How The Ideal Weight Loss Each Week?

What’s the best way to lose weight – Obtain instant results when losing weight certainly became the dream of many people, but this sort of thing is not good in terms of health. In addition, the decreased weight fast is also closely related to long term weight stability.

The ideal weight loss per week ranges from 0.5 up to 1 Kg per week. Try so that you do not exceed the range each week. Some of the risks of too much weight loss include fatigue, malnutrition, malaise, and even risk exposing to the gallstones.

Therefore, weight loss should not be done rapidly and drastically. To get the best results, start with changing patterns of life become more healthy and reproduce physical activity. Do not forget to apply all the ways to lose weight naturally I regularly review above.

How to lose weight 20 Kg in a month

What’s the best way to lose weight – How do I lose weight 20 kg in a month? With proper exercise regularly and well-planned, combined with a balanced diet, your weight could be down 20 kg in a month.

The following tips on how to plan a balanced diet and HIIT Cardio sports drills that can help your weight down 20 kg in 1 month.

1. Avoid Food Vandal

The third food below can ruin your efforts in losing weight. You should replace these foods with healthier alternatives.

  • Foods Containing Sugar

What’s the best way to lose weight – According to experts, the fat is not the main cause of the cause you are overweight, the main cause of Increased weight is consuming too much sugar. Sugar can be found at dextrose, corn syrup, fructose, maltodextrin, juice concentrates, raw sugar and brown sugar. Additionally, food or drink that sounds like healthy foods, including fruit juice, also contain sugar.

Tip: replace all types of sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia green and raw honey.

  • Grain

Three of the main compounds in grains are gluten, starch and fit at acid, all of which can cause damage to your metabolism. Gluten causes inflammation, starch quickly turned into sugar, and mineral binding fit at acid, so you don’t get a lot of nutrients when you consume the seeds.

Tips: replace the intake of grain with fruits and vegetables.

  • Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil can slow you down to eliminate fat and causes the buildup of fat and weight problems.

Tip: replace all vegetable oil with coconut oil.

2. Food consumption of fat burners

Here are four fat burner foods to help maintain the health of your metabolism and burn fat quickly.

  • Protein

What’s the best way to lose weight – If you want to transform your body into a fat burning furnace, you need to consume foods that contain a lot of protein quality. Proteins are the muscle-forming and making the body’s metabolism so much healthier. So that the weight quickly, you need to consume between 0.5 and 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight per day. For example, if you have 150 kg weight, you need about 80-100 grams of protein per day.

High quality source of protein: beef, salmon, lamb, venison, free-range chicken and eggs are some of the best high protein food.

  • Coconut

Coconut contains fatty acids that nourish the body and can easily burn up energy. You can replace the source of fatty acids with coconut oil.

  • The Seeds Are Rich In Fiber

Chia seed and flaxseed is loaded with healthy fiber that can support the weight loss efforts. In addition to these seeds are also high in protein and contain omega-3 fats, which can help maintain the health of our body’s metabolic system.

  • Vegetables

To lose weight, you not only pay attention to calories, but also focus on getting more nutrients. Vegetables are the highest source of vitamins and minerals, which regulates the function of metabolism.

Source: green leafy vegetables such as Kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus and carrots.

Day Diet menu For lose weight 20 Kg in a month

Breakfast: Coconut Berry Smoothie
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 cup berries
1 tbsp of protein
1 tbsp flax
1/4 TSP cinnamon
Lunch: Salad Of Greece
1 chicken breast, sliced
1 cup spinach
1/4 cup sliced cucumber
1/2 sliced tomato
1 ounce cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
Eating 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Dinner: Organic Meat
6-8 ounces of organic meat
1 serving of sauteed Kale
1 serving of broccoli stir-fry
Exercise to lose weight 20 Kg in a month

HIIT Cardio is a type of exercise that can help you lose body fat 3-9 times faster than traditional cardio afterburn effect and cause in the body so that your body is still burning fat as long as 36 hours after exercise.

What’s the best way to lose weight

To achieve the target of 20 kg in a month, you can do this exercise for 20-40 minutes per day, three to four days a week. The following is an example of 4 minutes 20 seconds with the sport, the sport and then 10 minutes of rest. You will repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times:

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