Losing weight fast for men The most complete and Powerful

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Losing weight fast for men The most complete and Powerful – The secret how to lose weight fast Men naturally. Everyone managed to do it this way. Weight loss is one of the things to note in our body. Now people have a tendency to become obese. This is because currently many people are applying the pattern of life that is not healthy. People today always want things fast and instantaneous without regard to health, for example, many people who consume fast food, instant noodles, soft drink, and others. Especially hawker-hawker and a variety of snacks that are circulating now tend to fatten our agency.

Losing weight fast for men The most complete and Powerful

Losing weight fast for men The most complete and Powerful

Most men would certainly want the perfect body weight ranging from proportional body, muscular, and is high. Have an ideal body weight is the dream of all people. People with proportional weight will make it appear more confident especially when it was dealing with the opposite kind.

Men who have excess weight is generally due to the abundance of fat that builds up in the body of the man. Why fat accumulates much? This is because the body’s metabolism system is interrupted so that the body is less effective in parse fat into energy so that the fat thus progressively accumulates in the body.

For those of you who have an excessive weight loss, lose weight 5 kg to 10 kg or even more, is not impossible. This of course depends on how large and fervent effort that you do.

Men lose weight easier than women. This is because the male body is able to burn more calories because men have the muscle mass and testosterone hormones that are larger than the females.

The foremost thing to lose weight is that you have to burn calories more than the incoming calories (calories you eat come from). Your success in doing the diet loses weight depends on the consistency you. Don’t give up until you’re on the road. That certainly needs determination and willpower that is hard to change your body fat into the body ideal.

Actually, ideally weight man can go down 2-3 kg in 1 week. Then you have to maintain the weight you don’t get up again. How the most powerful tips on how to reduce weight? Check out a full review of us:


11 most powerful Tips to lose weight Men

1 Early Breakfast)
Breakfast with an earlier time will speed up the process of combustion in the body. For example, if you originally breakfast each morning at 7, then you can promote the breakfast time be at 6 in the morning.
2) Drink before eating
When we drink a glass of water before we started eating the food, then our stomach will feel fuller so that automatic eating portion would be reduced (not too much) and if done on a regular basis than a potent weight loss
3) Use a small Plate
You can reduce the portion of your meal with always use smaller dishes so that food goes into your body is not too much. This way proved to be quite effective in lowering your weight
4) Don’t be Lazy Move
Try your moves as much as possible. Don’t be lazy in the room/house. Frequent-often do activities that move the body daily. You can try to ride down stairs or walking the circumference of a round-the-neighborhood.
5) Exposure to sunlight
Based on research, often out of the House and exposed to sunlight, will be able to increase the metabolism of the body so that the body is able to burn more calories. It is able to help in your efforts to lose weight
6) Do exercise and cardio exercises

Exercise will make your body burn calories faster with so that your weight will be reduced little by little. Do sports regularly and routinely, because in addition is effective in losing weight, sports are also capable of improving the health of your body. You may exercise such as swimming, playing basketball, badminton and others.

Besides doing Cardio exercise is a sure-fire tip to lose weight man. The basic concept of cardio exercises is to increase the heart rate within a certain time interval. All members of the body would work when we do cardio exercises so that more energy is needed. Examples of cardio exercises is skipping, calisthenics, walking, jogging, cycling, running. Routine morning run each day from 20-30 minutes will be able to effectively lose weight. Do jogging so fat can be burned up to the maximum
7) Make a schedule and Disciplined with your schedule
You must create a schedule which you can customize with your time. The schedule can be either hours eating, exercise, sleep, and others. You must also discipline against a schedule that you create. Don’t you miss the schedule. Don’t be lazy.
8) Consumption of Protein toward Sleep
Based on the research, people who consume food containing a minimum of 30 grams of whey protein will have a higher chance to do the next day on digestion metabolism than did not eat anything during nighttime. This is because proteins are more thermogenic than carbohydrates and fats so that your body is able to burn more calories when digested it.
9) Sleep
If you have an irregular sleep time, thus this would make your weight is getting up. Because of the lack of hours of sleep will disturb the functioning of hormones in your body especially related to appetite. Ideally you sleep for 8 hours each day. The less sleep (sleep less than 6 hours) will generate a lot of blood sugar, insulin, hormones and cortisol in the body. This makes our bodies become hungry faster so that the body will store much fat.

Sleep in the cold temperatures also is able to lose weight. The low temperature will be able to improve the effectiveness of the cells in our bodies store fat to work warms the body so as to make it more capable to burn the fat stored in the body.
10) Always Positive Minded and don’t Stress
Check you always think positive, refresh your mind, enjoy life with positive thinking. Don’t be easily frustrated. Be just stress overload your mind so make you reluctant to do exercise and too much stress this can ruin your diet pattern.
11) Increase your motivation
To lose weight in order to be successful, you must have a strong motivation. By instilling positive thoughts and motivation high you will be more a passion in running diet program, diet so that you do not waste.


Foods That Need To Be Consumed If You Want To Lose Weight Men

1) Consumption of foods containing complex carbohydrates
As we know, carbohydrates are the main source of energy. Simple carbohydrates (e.g. Sourced from rice, pasta, noodles, etc.) tend to be difficult for a body absorbed and easier but be fat in our body. Therefore, you are encouraged to consume complex carbohydrates like brown rice (replace the white rice you become red rice), cereals, oatmeal, wheat, beans, and so on.

2) Consumption of foods that contain a lot of Protein
Protein is a substance that is able to support the efforts of your diet. The protein is able to burn the fat on your body. You can consume foods rich in protein such as egg whites, oat meal, gandum, cereals, fish, soy, and others.

3) Consumption of foods containing plenty of fiber
Eat foods that contain lots of fiber is very beneficial for your body because the fibers have the ability to bind fat, so fat will be bound when impurities are removed. Foods that have high fiber can be obtained from fruit and vegetables. Fruit that has a lot of fiber, for example: Orange, pear, Apple, banana, papaya guava. For vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, turnips, and others.

4) Consumption of foods containing low-calorie
If you really intend to lose weight, then you eat foods that are low in calories, but has a lot of nutrients. Examples are bread, wheat, fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, meat without fat, and others.

Eating foods containing pepper and pepper are also able to trigger the fat burning process in our intestines while sleeping.


Foods That Need To Be Avoided If You Want To Lose Weight

1) Avoid high-calorie food
High-calorie foods such as crisps, snacks, fast food, processed meat (sausages, Nuggets, tempura), gravy, and others were able to gain weight. Thus, whenever possible to avoid this type of food.


2) Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar
Foods that contain much sugar, i.e. cake, chocolates, candies, etc. You must limit your consumption of sugar, consumption is a sweetener with zero-calorie. Drinking drinks with low sugar. Or replace the sugar you sugar, low in calories (example: corn sugar) You can also consume a drink coconut water as his successor.


3) Avoid foods, fried foods
Eat fried foods will increase the fat and cholesterol in your body. So always avoid fried foods if you want your weight decreases.


4) Avoid foods containing Preservatives
In fact the presence of preservatives in food, so the food is intended to avoid the bacteria so the food becomes durable. But the problem, food preservatives if often consumed continuously, thus can damage vital organs in our body.


5) Avoid foods that contain a lot of fat
Foods with a high fat content can give negative effects on body, i.e. can cause overweight or who could be known by the term obesity. In addition, it may cause obesity, frequent consumption of fatty foods can also cause heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and others. Fats are not good for health is divided into two types, namely, saturated fats and trans fats. Examples of foods that contain saturated fats, i.e.: processed meats, chicken thighs, sardines, milk, cream, ice cream, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, black chocolate, coconut oil, and others. Examples of foods containing trans fat include: fried chicken, Nuggets, sausages, pizza, doughnuts, muffins, pancakes, French fries, crackers and chips, candy, popcorn, and others.


6) Avoid foods that contain a lot of oil
Often consume greasy food can cause cholesterol, digestive problems, peptic ulcers, chest pain, and others. Examples include the fried, oily foods, mushrooms, crispy, fried tofu, tofu, fried banana, and much more.


7) Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is food that has nutritional content and nutrients are low so classed as unhealthy foods. On junk food, vitamin, minerals, fibers are low while the salt content, fat, sugar, and addictive its pretty high. The food is classified as junk food among other fried foods, canned foods, the food is marinated, baked/grilled foods, ice cream, instant noodles, and others.


8) Avoid Fast Food
Fast food is food served quickly. This type of food is certainly much to be found in restaurants. Examples include fast food spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, french fries (French fries). Too often consume fast food, can trigger obesity.


9) Avoid Fizzy Drinks
Fizzy drinks contain a lot of calories coming from sugar. Drinking carbonated drinks too often will make your weight is getting even harder to go up and down. In addition to this sparkling drink is also not good for the health of your body. Drinks such as soda, beer, or even alcohol in addition to be bad for your body, these drinks can also run Your diet program.


Diet Lose Weight Men

Apply the 7 days Diet to a Diet. The following example diet diet lose weight

The First Day:
The consumption of light fruits and plenty of water. If you still feel thirsty or hydrated, you can drink water to taste. Read also: the benefits of drinking water for the body.

The Second Day:
Consumption of a variety of vegetables. You can prepare it in a way to boil or consumed as a salad. Do not be processed with suited way. Consumption is also white water to taste.

Third Day:
Combine consumes vegetables and fruits

Fourth Day:
Banana and milk consumption. You can consume bananas directly or made into milk shakes. Do not be fried.

The Fifth Day:
Following up on the fifth day, you could consume 6 spoons of rice alone. The consumption of rice twice a day (morning and afternoon) you can also add tomato pieces 8 pieces. Multiply is a drink of water

Sixth Day:
Start the morning with breakfast foods rich in protein. At the time of day, eat rice spoon plus 5 side dish veggies only.

Seventh Day:
Consumption of 5 spoons of rice Plus vegetables is healthy. Consumption of fruits.

Addendum: lose weight with a juice-you can try the tips to lose weight by making the juice that consists of a mixture of lemon juice and lemon, 4 spoons of honey, bananas, and apples. Combine the ingredients, then make into juice blended in a way. Drink for 2 days.

Thus the most complete tips and how to lose weight man. Congratulations to apply these tips that are presented above. Hopefully you can successfully lose weight you with success.

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