How did jennifer hudson lose her weight

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How did jennifer hudson lose her weight Easy Ways Lose Weight, Jennifer Hudson takes an out-of-look-out-of-head method of maintaining her trim physique.

” I put the pancakes throughout the place!” she told Yahoo! Fashion about her stunning way of resisting tempting foods. “I don’t allow the food intimidate me. I just eliminate it if it’s too much, but I ensure that you view what I put in my body. And that I be sure I understand what it’s. It is exactly about portions for that most part. I don’t work out a lot, but I really do prefer to be effective.”

How did jennifer hudson lose her weight

How did jennifer hudson lose her weight

Hudson, 33, does have one vice.

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“I usually have to have chocolate around-it’s my cigarette,” she told the web site. “I do not smoke but it calms me. I really don’t like a lot of junk in my dressing room since I’ve to look at what I eat, so I put the rest out from the room.”

“which was a target of the summertime! I had been like,’ I wish to placed on a swimming suit this summer!’” she told Yahoo! Design. “While I’m not that girl-Iam not the beach chick. I’m a town girl, I’m from Chicago, so we do not spend a lot of time at the beach.”

Hudson is able to play her dream role on screen: Aretha Franklin.

“Yes! We have written. We have had meetings about it. It is my dream role. I am waiting… Aretha, contact me!”

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